Technical service

We put our technical assistance office at your disposal to offer an effective after-sales service and industrial maintenance, with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of any test equipment.

We are a professional team with an experience of over 30 years made up of technicians and engineers specialized in different areas and in the latest high tech to solve all your enquiries queries immediately.  In addition, thanks to our delegations and an extensive network of distributors, we can offer technical service worldwide, with maximum speed and quality.

It is aimed at companies that have test equipment (climatic chambers, corrosion chambers, fatigue testing benches, hydraulic, servo-hydraulic, pulsating pressure, characterization, artificial vision, fire resistance and reaction equipment...) of any brand.

Technical service,
quality and immediacy

“Ineltec is Engineering at the service of the customer”
Our equipment is made for durability, made of robust and corrosion resistant materials, they are fitted with components of prestigious international brands, of high quality and easy to replace.
The durability and reliability of the equipment depends on its correct maintenance. For this reason, we offer the option of maintenance in all our equipment, which includes the necessary revisions and assistance, always carried out by Ineltec.
Quick response time is essential to reduce machine shutdown times at the customer´s site . That is why Ineltec equipment has remote, which facilitates its diagnosis and even correction by our Technical Service.
Service 100%

TSS Support: by phone, email or remote via Internet.

TSS On-site: repair, preventive, and corrective maintenance, and customized solutions.

On site Calibration and validations: ENAC calibrations and ICH and FDA validations of climatic chambers.

Experts: Industrial refrigeration, Hydraulic, Pneumatical, Vibration, Programming, Industrial Design, Electronics, Electricity, Artificial Vision, Training.

Service 100%
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