New materials to reduce the CO2 emissions in the automotive sector.


With the intention of reducing CO2 emissions the LIGHTCAR research project was born. AIMPLAS has developed new sustainable materials and processes to reduce vehicle emissions by reducing weight.

Society and the law are becoming more and more demanding of companies and their environmental awareness. The automotive sector has taken up the challenge of environmental sustainability by reducing its CO2 emission.

One of the keys to making CO2 emission reductions a reality, is by reducing the weight of the electric vehicle, as a lighter vehicle requires less energy to be propelled so that its range is increased compared to heavier cars with the same batteries. As a result, the industry is replacing metal parts with new composite materials, that allow a weight reduction of between 50% and 70%.


The LIGHTCAR project, coordinated by Industrias Alegre and with the participation of ITERA Soluciones de Ingeniería, Sinfiny Smart Technologies and AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastics), with the financial support of the AVI (Valencian Innovation Agency), is developing new long-fibre thermoplastic composites. These materials bring the advantages of a lightweight, impact resistance and stiffness while being recyclable and processable by efficient low-waste conventional manufacturing methods

The project has four lines of investigation: lighter materials and sustainable, efficient and sustainable manufacturing, safer structure design, and functional demonstrator.

On the processing side, the project will also make it possible to design a flexible high-speed production cell for the manufacture of parts that make it possible to integrate electronic components into them.

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