Apple persists in its automotive vision: its autonomous alternative to compete with Tesla is scheduled to appear in 2028

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The tech giant plans to launch its first car in five years, with intelligent driving features, defying expectations with a level of autonomy on par with Tesla.

In an unexpected twist, Apple has adjusted its approach to the development of its rumored autonomous car project, known internally as Titan or Apple Car. Although earlier reports pointed to a fully autonomous vehicle, the Cupertino company has shifted its goals, opting for a simpler electric model with driver-assist features.

According to Mark Gurman, an analyst specializing in Apple, the company has decided to settle for a vehicle that offers level 2+ of autonomy, rather than the initial ambitious level 4. This approach means that the Apple Car will provide driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and automatic braking for collision avoidance, similar to current Tesla models.

Although the project has faced speculation about its abandonment on several occasions, recently uncovered patents and test drives in California indicate that Apple is continuing its development. The launch, initially scheduled for 2026, has been delayed to 2028, according to the latest information from Gurman.

Apple, known for its sleek design and innovative approach, is looking not only to enter into competition with Tesla, but also to stand out with a unique safety system and user interface. Although the company is licensed to conduct autonomous driving tests with 162 drivers and 68 test vehicles in California, it has not yet requested driverless tests, indicating a more cautious adaptation of the project.

Apple's revised approach to its foray into the autonomous vehicle market reflects a more pragmatic strategy, perhaps a response to the technological and regulatory challenges posed by this ambitious field. Although the company has not officially confirmed its plans, industry observers are eagerly awaiting Apple's developments in this exciting and competitive market.



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