Ameca: revolutionary breakthrough in humanoid robotics at Mobile World Congress 2024

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Ameca, an autonomous robot that uses language models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to deliver exceptional human behavior. From changing facial expressions to speaking.

Advances in robotics have reached dizzying speeds, coming ever closer to human appearance and behavior. Clear evidence of this progress is Ameca, the world's most advanced humanoid robot, which was at the fore at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Developed by the British company Engineered Arts, Ameca is a human-shaped robot capable of moving arms and legs, as well as expressing emotions on its face in a surprisingly realistic way. Introduced with enthusiasm at the end of 2021, this device is in Barcelona interacting directly with visitors to the technology congress.

Ameca is not just a mechanical marvel; it is designed specifically to interact with humans. Unlike robots intended for heavy or surveillance tasks, Ameca could perform roles such as receptionist, guide at exhibitions or museums, and even give talks. Its ability to smile, put its index finger to its lips to request silence and speak makes it suitable for social settings.

The robot has artificial intelligence (AI) that allows it to interact verbally with the people around it. Interestingly, the model presented at the congress has been trained with GPT-4, the same technology that supports the conversational ChatGPT robot, which is capable of answering questions from users.

This advance in robotics not only stands out for its realistic appearance and movements but also for its ability to communicate effectively thanks to AI. Ameca represents the next level in human-robot interaction, and its presence at Mobile World Congress 2024 underscores the future direction of robotics in integration and active participation in human environments.



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