Tesla shows the progress of its humanoid Optimus

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The video shared by Elon Musk's company shows Optimus, the humanoid robot, performing various tasks, including walking.

Humanoid robots are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. Tesla, led by Elon Musk, is one of the companies that is betting the most on this technology. Two years ago, Musk presented Tesla Bot, a machine designed to replace humans in dangerous tasks and of which, in October 2022, a prototype called Optimus could be seen, which has continued to evolve since then, now being able to walk and manipulate objects.

Tesla recently shared a video on its YouTube channel showing the progress of its humanoid robot, which has taken on a more realistic form. Compared to the previous prototype, which could only wave and walk lightly, these humanoid robots have a more advanced design. 

In the video presented at Tesla's latest shareholder meeting, five new Optimus prototypes can be seen performing simple tasks, such as walking around the company's facilities and picking up objects. The company plans to use technology developed for its electric vehicles, such as much of the hardware and software, in these humanoid robots.

Although the current prototypes walk slowly, the final version is expected to have the same speed as a human. The video also shows how the robots discover and memorise their environment, as well as their ability to manipulate small objects, thanks to artificial intelligence training based on the demonstration of a human.

Elon Musk has highlighted the importance of humanoid robots as the company's most significant development, even above vehicles. It is estimated that demand for these machines could be very high, reaching 20 billion units.


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