exposure of samples to a saturated humidity atmosphere

Humidostatic chamber

The humidostatic corrosion chambers are designed to test the exposure of samples to an atmosphere of saturated humidity and constant temperature.

The maximum temperature range in standard models is ambient temperature +5 °C and can reach up to +70 °C, the volume of the equipment can be 300 and 1000 litres, for other sizes please consult us.

The humidostatic chambers are mainly used to carry out studies to improve the prevention of corrosion in the automotive and building materials sectors.

In Ineltec, we design and manufacture tailor-made equipment according to specifications, modifying or extending standard features.

300 and 1000 L
ambient temperature +5°C and up to +70°C

ISO 6270-2, DIN 50017 and ASTM D2247-11


Exterior: Made of polypropylene inert to corrosion.

  • Access door: FLexible double silicone gasket, size according to chamber volume.
  • Sight glass: A window is located in the door to view the interior of the chamber.
  • Mobility: The equipment has 4 height adjustable legs

Interior: Made of polypropylene inert to corrosion.

  • Inner supports for hanging the pieces to be tested

Dimensions: (HxWxL)

Volume 300 L 1000 L
Inside Dimension 800 x 710 x 550 1140 x 1040 x 570
Outside Dimension 1000 x 1000 x 1000 1140 x 1340 x 1100

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