designed to simulate a saline atmosphere and perform accelerated corrosion testing

The corrosion saline chamber, also called "salt spray” test is designed to simulate a saline atmosphere and perform an accelerated corrosion test on any type of sample with the possibility of temperature and humidity cycles, at ambient temperature

The test is an indicator of the pollution index in industrial and urban atmospheres. Its range of temperature is +5ºC and It can reach up to +50°C and has three possible volumes, 400, 1000 and 2000 litres. They are mostly used for testing metallic coatings and paint coatings.

In Ineltec, we design and manufacture customized equipment according to specifications, modifying or extending standard features. Salt spray chambers can be combined with different tests: cyclic corrosion, kesternich or humidostatic.

400, 1000 y 2000 L (others under request)
Environmental temperature from +5°C to +60°C
Possibility to combine tests

ISO 9227 / ASTM D1735 / ASTM B117 / AFNOR X 41.002 / MIL-STD 292E m.101D / MIL-STD 810C 509.1 / 50180 VW/Seat / D17 1058 PSA/Renault / WSD-M21P11-B2 Ford / JIS Z 2371, among others.

. .

Exterior: Made of polypropylene inert to corrosion.

  • Cabinet base: 6 height-adjustable legs

Interior:  Made of polypropylene inert to corrosion.

  • Salt spray tank: Salt spray tank for long-term tests incorporated in the chamber, 80 L (others on request).
  • Accessories: 6 bars to suspend the samples to be tested. *Other supports or more rods can be supplied on request

Insulation: By Armaflex blanket

Top cover: Made of transparent polyethene.

Saline spraying: to ensure an even distribution of the salt spray, the system consists of: 

  • a sprayer
  • One 3-litre capacity tank (other on request)
  • Automatic saline level dosing device ( for auxiliary tank installation )
  • They can be used with neutral PH salt solutions ( NSS) or acidified by addition of Cupric Acid (CASS).


  • Reserve tank of 80, 200 or 400 litres (including support, agitator, pump, etc.)

Dimensions: (HxWxL)

Volumen 400 L 1000 L 2000 L
Inside Dimension  820 x 1050 x 525 800 x 1600 x 800 800 x 2600 x 1000
Outside Dimension  1200 x 2050 x 630 1900 x 2150 x 1050 2500 x 3600 x 1700

Approximately, as it depends on the temperature range, the outer dimension may be larger.

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