they are designed according to the customer specifications

Ineltec is known for designing tailor-made solutions for its clients, no matter how complex their challenges may be. Special chambers are manufactured on customer's request and with the aim of achieving cost-effective and efficient solutions to meet their needs.

These are some examples:

  • Chamber with temperature, humidity and pressure
  • Chamber for ATEX atmosphere
  • VRT (Rapid Variation in Temperature) 
  • Cryogenic valve chamber
  • A chamber according  to standards IEC 61215-2, IEC 61730-2 y IEC 60068-3-5
  • Chamber with special sample holder
  • Special biology chamber 

The touch screen PC has the PROCAM-WIN installed. It is easy and intuitive software which performs programming tasks, acquisition, records, control and analysis of the results. 

  1. Manual or automatic programming
  2. Possibility of programming date and time of the test
  3. It allows recording notes during the tests
  4. Different access levels
  5. Maximum 11 operators
  6. Display and recording of tests in a graphical or tabular table
  7. Export to Excel or similar
  8. The setting of minimum and maximum alarms for temperature and humidity for each section
  9. It includes recording screens, incidences and maintenance.
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