Flammability chamber UL 94

for safety in flammability of plastic materials

The UL 94 flammability cabinet measures the plastic part's ability to extinguish flame after ignition and its dripping behaviour in response to a small open flame or radiant heat source.

The equipment is used to indicate the material's suitability with respect to flammability for a particular application, such as plastic materials used for parts in electronic devices and appliances.

The UL94 standard determines the tendency of materials to extinguish or expand the flame once the fire has started and is harmonized with the IEC 60707, 60695-11-10 60695-11-20 ISO 9772 and 9773 standards.


Horizontal essay: UL 94 HB (UNE-EN 60695-11-10)

Vertical test: UL94 5VA and 5VB (UNE-EN 60695-11-20). UL 94 V-0, V-1 and V-2 (UNE-EN 60695-11-10)

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