to simulate a fire, according to ISO 9705 standard

The Room Corner Test simulates a fire, that under well-ventilated conditions, starts in a corner of a small room with a single open door, as described in ISO 9705:1993.

It is aiming to evaluate the contribution to fire growth provided by a product surface using a specified ignition source.

The Room Corner Test is suitable when the components to be tested are made of different materials (joints between panels, fastening systems, etc.), for products that cannot be tested on a small scale.

ISO 9705, NFPA 286, NFPA 265, EN 45545-2 


ISO 9705, NFPA 286, NFPA 265, EN 45545-2 


The touch screen PC has the PROCAM-WIN installed. It is easy and intuitive software which performs programming tasks, acquisition, records, control and analysis of the results. 

  1. Manual or automatic programming
  2. Possibility of programming date and time of the test
  3. It allows recording notes during the tests
  4. Different access levels
  5. Maximum 11 operators
  6. Display and recording of tests in a graphical or tabular table
  7. Export to excel or similar
  8. Setting of minimum and maximum alarms for temperature and humidity for each section
  9. It includes recording screen, incidences and maintenance.
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